Curriculum Vitae




All of Kelsy’s academic articles can be downloaded for free through the University of Nebraska Digital Commons.


2020--           Associate Professor of Sociology, University of Nebraska – Lincoln

                        Faculty Affiliate: Women’s and Gender Studies

2016-2020    Assistant Professor of Sociology, University of Nebraska – Lincoln

                        Faculty Affiliate: Women’s and Gender Studies

2013-2016     Assistant Professor of Sociology, St. Norbert College


2013               Ph.D., Sociology, University of Pittsburgh

                        Ph.D. Certificate, Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies

                        Dissertation: “God, Sex, and the Internet: The Faithful, Virtual, and                                    Sexual Lives of Contemporary Christians”

2009              M.A., Sociology, University of Pittsburgh

                        Thesis: “Rethinking Social Movement Participation and Non-                                                Participation: How South Dakota Pro-Choice Clergy Perceive, Confront,                            and Navigate Risk”

2006              B.A., Sociology, Eastern Connecticut State University

Select Publications


Kelsy Burke (2016) Christians under Covers: Evangelicals and Sexual Pleasure on the Internet. Berkeley, CA: University of California Press.

  • Winner of the 2017 Distinguished Book Award from the American Sociological Association Section on Religion

  • Reviewed in American Journal of Sociology, Contemporary Sociology, Gender & Society, International Sociology, Sociology of Religion, Theology & Sexuality

  • Chapter, “Overcoming the Obscene in Evangelical Sex Websites,” reprinted in Exploring the Architecture of Everyday Life: Readings, 11th edition, edited by David Newman, Jodi O’Brien, and Michelle Robertson (2018, Newbury Park, CA: Sage)


Select Scholarly Articles and Book Chapters

Kelsy Burke and Alice MillerMacPhee, (2020) "Constructing Pornography Addiction's Harms in Science, News Media, and Politics." Social Forces Advanced Online Access.


Kelsy Burke and Amy McDowell, (2020) “White Women Who Lead: God, Girlfriends, and Diversity Projects in a National Evangelical Ministry.” Sociology of Race and Ethnicity Advanced Online Access.

Kelsy Burke and Trenton Haltom, (2020) “Created by God and Wired to Porn: Redemptive Masculinity and Gender Beliefs in Religious Narratives of Pornography Addiction Recovery.” Gender & Society 34: 233-258.


Kelsy Burke, Dawne Moon, and Theresa Tobin, (2020) “Shame and Entitlement: Race and the Religious Possibilities for Sexuality in Conservative Christianity” in Religion is Raced: Understanding American Religion in the 21st Century, edited by Grace B. Yukich and Penny Edgell. (New York: New York University Press).


Kelsy Burke and Emily Kazyak (2019) “Religious Liberty and Nondiscrimination Protection for LGBT People: A View from a Red State” (Trends article) Contexts 18: 63-65.


Emily Kazyak, Kelsy Burke, and Mathew Stange (2018) “Logics of Freedom: Debating Religious Freedom Laws and Gay and Lesbian Rights.” Socius 4: 1-18.


Orit Avishai and Kelsy Burke (2016) “God’s Case for Sex” (feature article). Contexts. 15: 30-35.


Kelsy Burke and Amy Moff Hudec (2015) “Sexual Encounters and Manhood Acts: Evangelicals, Latter-day Saints, and Religious Masculinities.” Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 54: 330-344.


Kelsy Burke (2014) “What Makes a Man: Gender and Sexual Boundaries on Evangelical Christian Sexuality Websites.” Sexualities 17: 3-22.


Kelsy Burke (2012) “Women’s Agency in Gender-Traditional Religions: A Review of Four Approaches.” Sociology Compass 6: 122-133.


Kelsy Burke and Amy McDowell (2012) “Superstars and Misfits: Two Pop-Trends in the Gender Culture of Contemporary Evangelicalism.” Journal of Religion and Popular Culture 24: 67-79.