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Smashing stereotypes about sex, gender, and religion, Kelsy has given talks at colleges and universities across the country. Based on her award-winning research, she tackles big questions, such as: Why are debates over sexuality so polarizing? What can we learn from online pornography and the groups fighting over it? How does digital media transform traditional religious beliefs?



"Dr. Burke was a terrific and dynamic guest speaker! Her research on sexuality is especially timely and relevant. She has a unique ability to discuss sex and gender topics in a sensitive and engaging manner. Our graduate students and faculty especially appreciated her approachability and openness to all kinds of questions."

University of Colorado at Boulder faculty

"In March 2017, we at the Berkeley Center for Right-Wing Studies were fortunate enough to have Kelsy Burke as a presenter in our colloquium series. We were attracted by the quality of her written scholarship, and her willingness to take on edgy subject matter. Professor Burke turned out to be an excellent speaker and her presentation produced considerable response within the audience both on the day of the talk and for days thereafter."

University of California Berkeley faculty

"Our campus community was thrilled to have Dr. Burke here to talk about her research. She inspired us to have thoughtful conversations about the complex relationship between religion, sexual pleasure, and the pursuit of a “good” life."

University of Mississippi faculty

"Kelsy Burke is still the only academic author whose book I immediately bought at the merch table after her 2017 talk at UC Berkeley. Her sexuality, religion, and culture research are radically relevant and accessible. Kelsy is an effective, graceful speaker who creates space with her audience to build curious momentum for her important research."

University of California Berkeley student

"Kelsy spoke to an audience that ranged from tenured faculty to undergraduates -- and held everyone's attention. The topic captivated the undergrads (even the non-sociology majors) and the faculty actively debated the theoretical arguments. A lively Q&A followed the formal talk, and Kelsy dealt with questions easily, respectfully, and thoughtfully."

Loyola University faculty

"Kelsy was extremely engaging and was able to walk undergrad students through her complex research. She is amazing at answering questions about methodology and her plans for future research."

Grinnell College student

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